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World Senior Padel Championships: Good the first for Italy

The Senior World Championship 2022 (Senior Worlds) started well for Italy with victories at the debut

Excellent start to the Senior World Cup of Padel for both men and women.
The men got the better of the hosts, the United States, 5-0, while the women defeated Australia 3-0.
Today, the Italian men’s team will face Denmark, defeated 5-0 by Portugal, with whom Italy will probably play for first place in the round.
The Italians will play against Chile, defeated yesterday by the Dutch, and in this case too the last match of the round will be decisive in defining the first classified team.

Some matches of the World Championship are broadcasted on the FIP Youtube channel.

Men’s Italy has been inserted in group C

Italdonne Senior is in group B

the players of the italian national team selected for the Senior World Cup are the following



Alessia La Monaca, Sara D’Ambrogio, Annalisa Bona, , Silvia Storari, Roberta Zandarin, Manuela Savini, Tiziana Giordano


Matteo Savoldi, Antonio Amore, Stefano Pupillo, Emanuele Fanti, Saverio Palmieri, Cristian Ilardi, Alessandro Gullotta, Giordano Orecchio, Gianmarco Toccini, Barnaba Zanon, Tesauro Manfredi, Fabrizio Anticoli, Massimo Sciutto, Maurizio Serafino, Francesco Graziani, Matteo Bartolini.


Good padel to all

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