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Playtomic features: The difference between matches and reservations

In this new article we would like to make you 100% understand all the main features of Playtomic such as reservations and games

With this in mind, today we’re going to analyze the big difference between RESERVATIONS and MATCHES, which are the two main features of the application.


Let’s start with RESERVATIONS.
In this case we are booking the whole field, so the club is not interested in knowing how many of you there are.

If you book the whole field you become the reservation manager and it is assumed that you are playing with three people you know (to enter the result and level up you just let other players in by sharing the game link).


We give you a tip: when you book the field, always select the mode “pay your share”. This option allows you to turn a private reservation in a public game (so visible to all users of Playtomic), up to 24 hours before the start of the game (depending on the cancellation policy of the club), if perhaps a friend of yours gives you a hole.

ATTENTION Do not reserve the entire field if you are alone or two people. The club is not required to look for players to complete the match and if you ask for a field cancellation in the 24 hours before the match, the club is not required to cancel it and you would risk the full field charge. So if you are less than 4 always enter a public match.


The second screen of the app is called MATCHES.
Here you fight with players you do not know in public matches.
To access these matches payment is required through the app, which serves to protect the players (if three players that you do not know pay first, they are unlikely to give a hole at the last minute) and consequently the club is also protected by not risking the economic damage of piercing a field of 48 euros at the last second.

If the match could not be completed by the 4 players or could not take place due to bad weather obviously cannot be the responsibility of the user, so the match is canceled and the players refunded with the same method of payment chosen to pay the fee.
We remind you that everything is completely safe.
In the public match screen, a range of allowed levels is always entered.
If you are part of that range you can make instant access to the match, if you are not within the level you must request the place. If all players vote in favor you can access the match.

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