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The Importance of Internal Insoles for Padel

Footwear is a fundamental tool for performance and accident prevention… and with it the internal insoles that help accompany the entire physical gesture.

The very padel addicted have obviously never stopped, but it is normal, now that the summer season is starting again, the fields are filled with more ease.

We have often emphasized how padel is and should be considered a sport in all respects and therefore, in addition to what is done on the field during the game, it would be appropriate to work on physical preparation, nutrition & co. in order to be more performing on the field but also and not least, to limit as much as possible the injuries, which in this sport always reaps many victims.

In addition to what we can (and should) do in physical terms, there are fortunately also some accessories that help us limit the micro-damage that any physical activity brings to our body.
Specifically, today we want to go into detail about the lower district (raise your hand if you have already suffered from contractures, strains and tears between thighs and calves).

Let’s repeat, playing padel requires endurance and a very good muscular elasticity to support all the direction fields, shots, jumps and are aspects that are trained off the field.

At the same time, footwear is a fundamental tool for performance and injury prevention … and with them the internal insoles that help to accompany the entire physical gesture.
A bad grip of the foot, as well as preventing the right movement, in the long run can generate major problems to the plantar, as well as badly solicit all the muscles of the lower district. It may be a choice to keep the original shoe but if you choose to opt for specific insoles, be very careful what you choose because the risk is to do more harm than good.

We have observed a little bit this world and we had the pleasure to meet Marco Mannisi, co-founder of a start up with high technological impact that deals specifically with sports insoles dedicated to Padel players.


– Hi Marco! Welcome to our Blog! Tell us a little about who you are and how you chose to launch into this industry?

We are three young biomedical engineers and we decided to get involved in the first person by founding Medere, our startup that offers innovative solutions in the field of wellness and medical devices.

We launched in Padel, but more generally in sport, using our knowledge in the field of biomedical research to provide any type of athlete, professional or amateur, an innovative product dedicated to the prevention and treatment of joint discomfort. Our goal is to improve the condition of the athlete to maximize performance and efficiency.

– What are your goals in the medium term?

Thanks to the experience we have gained in the field of insoles, we want to continue to support athletes with our innovative products. More and more people are using our insoles and benefiting from them. This is the best result for us. Receiving thank you messages and being contacted to buy new insoles is a great satisfaction for us. The main goal in the medium term is to establish ourselves in the world of padel and other sports that we follow to support more and more players. We have collaborations with professional athletes of the Italian national team who have used our insoles even in the last world championship held in Qatar. Being able to follow the great champions is an honor and we hope to become a brand of reference for federations and professional players.


In the medium term, we also have other projects in the pipeline. For example, we are developing a smart device that, thanks to sensors, will be able to monitor physical activity and mechanical stress during use.

– What is different/innovative about your insoles compared to the competition?

Our insoles are innovative and unique in several ways. We have defined two lines of insoles that integrate cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and digital modeling: the custom-made line and the biomechanical insoles. All of our insoles are made with elastic materials that support the foot during all phases of the stride without hindering the natural movements of the foot. Our materials have the characteristic to absorb the impact during the phase of contact with the ground reducing the effect of vibrations.

The line of biomechanical insoles is the result of scientific research on the mechanical stresses to which the joints are subjected during Padel. The result is an insole that integrates the different materials explained above and has within it a differentiated structure to reduce the risk of injury and improve stability and performance.

The custom-made line, in addition to the characteristics of biomechanical insoles, is made on the basis of a specific analysis for each foot. Thanks to our innovative and patented method, you can purchase a custom-made product from the comfort of your home. Just follow the instructions in our app that guide you in the acquisition of videos and photos of your feet following a procedure studied and validated with orthopedists. Starting from the dataset of videos and photos, we reconstruct a 3D model of each foot and evaluate joint angles and possible corrections to be made to the footbed. We take into account any pronation, supination, tendinitis, and more. In a matter of minutes you can get a custom-made footbed!

– Why should an amateur player choose your insoles? Through our insoles every player, both amateur and professional, can relieve and prevent discomfort and pain in the joints and can improve their performance thanks to the increase in stability and comfort and the elastic return properties of our product.

– For those interested, how can they purchase?
Purchasing our products is very easy.
For the custom-made line, just download our “medere” app from the Android or IOS store and follow the simple instructions inside.
For the line of biomechanical insoles just connect to our shop ( and complete the order in total safety on our website.

Thanks Marco, you confirm what we say all the time that it is important to maximize the experience by lowering as much as possible the risk of incurring trauma and injury!
We can’t do anything but wish you good luck!

To date, even some of the best athletes of the Italian national Padel team as Denny Cattaneo, Michele Bruno, Lorenzo di Giovanni, Erika Zanchetta, Nicolò Cotto, Alessandro Tinti and Luca Mezzetti, wear the sport insoles Medere for Padel.

Good padel to all

by Roberta Lozza



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