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Padel Trend Expo: the first exhibition in Italy

Padel trend Expo 2022

Padel Trend Expo 2022 will be the first Italian exhibition dedicated to Padel

The great international padel community will gather in Rome at the Palazzo dei Congressi from September 16 to 18 at Padel Trend Expo 2022.
A unique three days of sport, business and entertainment signed by Next Group in collaboration with the Italian Tennis Federation.

With the support of the Federtennis, during the three-day event, there will be performances on the courts set up, with the participation of great international champions, VIPs and special guests. In addition, conferences, round tables, training courses … and much more that will be revealed in the coming months.
Ad hoc areas will also be set up for the realization of corporate workshops and to facilitate one-to-one & one-to-many meetings between companies and customers, who will obviously be able to view the collections and products offered by the various brands at the exhibition stands.

If we talk about padel, we can now say with certainty that it is no longer a fashion but the most significant trend of recent years, with increases that have exceeded 800% in the period of full pandemic, both in terms of the construction of new fields or dedicated clubs, both for the number of regular practitioners that only in Italy exceed 350,000 units, counting on more than 5,000 courts and over 1,000,000 fans.
One figure above all: in our country FIT members have increased from about 15,000 at the end of 2020 to about 60,000 at the end of 2021.



So much excitement and interest have inevitably given rise to the need to create a major event such as Padel Trend Expo 2022 – which will be held for the first time in Italy from September 16 to 18 in Rome at the Palazzo dei Congressi – able to meet, talk and interact with all those who love and live daily for work and passion in the world of padel.

Padel Trend Expo 2022, an event that stands as a real marketplace from the double matrix B2B and B2C, is an event signed by Next Group, integrated communications group, with its subsidiary Padel Trend Srl and the result of collaboration with the Italian Tennis Federation.

A significant networking opportunity, able to attract fans from all over the world and the main operators in the supply chain: companies producing rackets, clothing, shoes, balls, accessories but also manufacturers of courts and covers, service providers, technologies and innovative solutions for the management of a club.



“For this absolute premiere, in order to meet every single requirement of the exhibitors, both in terms of space and visibility of the brands, we have created several modular packages and various solutions of stands, including pre-equipped ones, of great interest”. – says Luigi Spera, director and commercial manager of the project – “There are also many possibilities to interact effectively with the event through creative and original dynamics of sponsorship, which will certainly not go unnoticed.”

“With PadelTrend Expo 2022 we fill a void. Here in Italy, this extraordinary sport needed a meeting point capable of bringing together the companies in the sector, the reference institutions and the many fans. We’ll be able to make our calculations at the end, but the estimates, as always a bit conservative, lead us to hypothesize over 15,000 visitors and 500 buyers. It’s too early to say anything about the number of exhibitors: at the moment there are already 120, but we have just started to rent out the stands. Many others will be arriving shortly,” emphasizes Marco Jannarelli, president of Next Group. “Padel is now popular everywhere. Spain, France, Finland and Sweden are the countries in Europe where it is practiced most. An interesting and booming market is that of the Arab Emirates and Qatar.”

Good Padel to all

by Mr Padel Paddle


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