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How can we properly put an Overgrip on a Padel racket?

How can we properly put an Overgrip on a Padel racket?


Surely you’ve had to face that moment at some point? That of having to place an overgrip. Although at first it may seem like something simple, in doing so we will verify that it is not as easy as we thought.

The overgrip is the tape that covers the original grip.
It helps us to increase the thickness of the handle, gain grip and avoid breaking the original.
To put an overgrip we have several options, although we will explain the most common.

First of all, we will have to take into account which is our dominant hand. If we are right-handed we will turn it to the right while, if we are left-handed, we will do it to the left, always keeping the handle of the paddle up.

The first thing we should do is go to our usual store and buy a pack of overgrip. Unrolling it and removing the protective plastics that carry, we will find a sticker to close the overgrip at the top and our overgrip with the two thin ends.

We need to start with the one with the adhesive. We’ll remove the paper and place it over the handle. We will continue to turn the top in a linear fashion, without going down towards the racquet until the step where the overgrip reaches its normal size is finished.

Tutorial How to Change Overgrip – Book A Camp (now Playtomic)

From there we will start to move down towards the center of the blade, making the turn. This is one of the points where the user can put the overgrip according to his taste. In this path, if we want the punch to be fatter, we will make these turns leaving a smaller space between them, while if we want it to be thinner, we will leave a larger space between them.

When we reach the end of the handle we will see how the overgrip becomes thinner again, a detail so that when we put the adhesive the size of both is perfectly adapted.
We’ll place it at the end, closing the process and leaving the overgrip fixed for play.
And ready, we’re ready to take the court.

Don’t be discouraged… Like everything in life, it’s all about practice. Slowly you will refine your technique and each time you will improve until you become an expert. Time to time.

Good padel to all

by Mr Padel Paddle

sources: Adidas Padel blog – Video Book a court (now Playtomic)


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