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Amateur Padel: Tips to improve our game

padel amatoriale migliorare consigli


It’s great to play amateur padel games with friends, but when you’ve been doing it for a while, what you really want is to level up and not get stuck.

On the one hand, there are those who play this sport to go out and have fun, but on the other hand, there are those who want to progress, correct errors, perfect their shots or compete.
If you’re one of the latter, then you’ll be interested to read on. In this article you will know that you are missing making that leap.

A key aspect to improving our level in the sport is that no one is born knowing everything. There are some people who absorb knowledge faster than others, but everyone needs to learn.
We have to think that if a professional player trains the technical, tactical and mental aspects of the game, those who are just starting out should do the same as long as their goal is to improve.

However, you don’t have to go crazy either. At the amateur level, padel is pure entertainment and fun. Your higher level should be focused on the time you devote to it.

8 tips to improve your level of play

1. Get padel lessons

Why do I need an instructor to learn how to play padel?
The figure of the instructor is very important to advance your game.
You don’t get better by playing with friends and watching games, but you need that person to help you on your way to improving your level.
One hour of class a week can be enough if you take good advantage of it and then try to put into practice everything you are taught in your games.

2. Play with high level players

Playing with the pairs we always beat will not help us improve. We must try to create matches with people at our level or higher.
Imagine playing with pairs from a higher category. At first they will beat us, the more confident ones, but as the padel lessons and matches pass we will see that the difference will tend to narrow.

3. Play with different people

Some people want to improve, but every week they play with the same people.
Eventually, as the games go by, you will know your rivals’ game by heart….
Try to give variety to your games and play with different pairs. If you have trouble finding them there are many clubs that organize leagues or types of tournaments that will help you meet more players.

4. Do your best at all times

Without desire or effort we will not be able to improve.
Try to take advantage of every match by trying to absorb as much as you can like a sponge.
Without a positive attitude, no matter how many matches we have made, we will always be at the same level.

5. Compete in tournaments on the weekends

You can train well and play your midweek games very well, but when you participate in a tournament you risk losing in the first round.
Tournaments raise your level of competitiveness and make you feel different feelings when you play (anxiety about finishing points early, short arms, etc.).
Tournaments also help you see your level of play and see if you make more matches against those pairs that have previously beaten you easily.

6. Compete in team competitions

Playing with a team in national amateur and non-amateur tournaments will help you have unique experiences. In all of this you can play against different couples and even with different partners.
You will learn to take responsibility when your team needs it, acquiring a greater or lesser role based on your results.

7. Watch games

Years ago there may not have been many games to watch on the internet, but today we have hundreds and hundreds of games to watch…and analyze.
Based on spending hours and hours watching padel games we will better learn to understand the concepts our instructor teaches us both technically and tactically.
This point we also believe is the basis for improving our level of play. Questions like “why did he play that ball there?” or “why are they charging this player for the entire game?” are simple questions that can arise for us.

8. Play on both sides

Being able to play both left and right will allow you to play as a partner with different profiles of teammates and understand all the details of each position.

Also, being a wild card player can help you in case you play with higher level players. Imagine that by chance they are looking for a player for a certain position, either left or right, you can offer to play with them.

Good padel to all

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