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Analysis of padel injuries

What are the most common injuries by gender? Is there a correlation between a player’s level and number of injuries?

Today we publish another study of analysis and statistics specific to padel thanks to the collaboration with Diego Muñoz Marín, university professor in motor sciences and author of numerous scientific publications on our sport ( along with a group of different researchers specialized in padel.

Descriptive study of padel injuries: relationship to gender, age, player level, and location of injuries
Sánchez-Alcaraz, BJ, Courel-Ibáñez, J., Díaz, J., Muñoz, D.)

The objective is to analyze the existing relationship based on gender, age and level of padel players with the number of injuries described by them.


The most frequent injuries in padel are muscular, localized to the lower limbs.
The male gender has more injuries on the trunk while the number of injuries in women is centered on the upper limb.

Players older than 35 years of age presented more muscle injuries while more tendon injuries were reported in those younger than 35 years of age.
Finally, player level is inversely related to the number of injuries (the higher the level, the lower the number of injuries).

Method used

A total of 148 players (75 men, 73 women, 34 ± 10 years) participated.
A total of 151 injuries were recorded, classified according to type of injury, anatomical site, and situation (training or competition).
Retrospective descriptive study using an adaptation of a sports injury questionnaire self-completed by players. The Chi-Square test, Residuals, and Cramer’s V were used to determine the degree of association between variables.

Analysis Results

Results showed:
(i) predominance of lower extremity muscle injuries;
(ii) high number of trunk injuries in men and upper extremity injuries in women (p = 0.046);
(iii) higher rate of muscle injuries in subjects older than 35 years and tendon injuries in subjects younger than 35 years (p = 0.009);
(iv) higher rate of injuries in lower level players, particularly tendon and shoulder injuries (p = 0.031).

Full analysis : Andalusian Journal of Sports Medicine

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