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Miguelito Lamperti, El Genio del Pelo Blanco

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Miguel Lamperti, nicknamed El Genio del Pelo Blanco, but for the fans more simply Miguelito, has been for years one of the stars of the World Padel Tour, not only for his technical level and the results he has achieved, but also for his charismatic character, a real crowd puller.

We interviewed her exclusively in collaboration with Corriere dello Sport.

How was your passion for padel born?

“When I was 12 years old, in my city Bahia Blanca, where it was very popular. At that time I was playing basketball, but one fine day in my club they installed a padel court and from there my passion began.”

If you think of a great victory of yours, what comes to mind?

“Well, victories are always good and I remember them all. A special one was the one in Argentina with the national team, where I scored the two decisive points in the final”.

We always see you smiling with your fans and you transmit a great enthusiasm during the games; what is your secret?

“I play the sport I love the most. I’ve never considered it a job, just a game and that makes me have fun with my fans, who always expect a good show.”

Lamperti’s Top Points in 2018:

Strengths and weaknesses?

“As a strength, I am a person who never gives up. I have many weaknesses; now that I’m getting a little older, I lose more games than before and afterwards I isolate myself from everyone for a few days.

What did you appreciate most about your previous teammates?

“Of all of them I have very positive memories. I think I had some great teammates, some more talented, some more hardworking.”

What do you like about your Nox ML10 racquet?

“The ML10 Bahía is a showstopper. It has a lot of control, it’s easy to use and it also allows me to be fast on my shots.”

What are the most fearsome pairs this year and possible outsiders?

“There are a lot of pairs that play very well, not only those in the top positions; however, I think the numbers rule and without a doubt, the best pair remains Lebron-Galan.”

Between you and Arturo there are 23 years of difference, how do you reconcile experience with youth?

“Really? Sometimes I don’t want to do this calculation because it makes me feel older, but without a doubt Arturo is very mature for being 19, while I am quite immature with my 42 years old and so the gap is reduced (laughs, ndi)”.

Lamperti’s Top Points:

2021 goals you set for yourself with Coello?

“To become a very competitive couple, he is a demanding one and if God wants the results will come.”

What are the prospects for padel in Argentina?

“There is a lot of play going on in Argentina and now that the pandemic is waning, the country is returning to the growth levels of the 90s.”

You do a lot of exhibitions in Europe, do you notice a great growth in this continent?

“It’s incredible, I just came from two trips to Sweden and Italy and I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and level of play I saw.”



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