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Padel Club of March now online!

The Padel Club magazine of March is out with 6 exclusive interviews to the Top Players, analysis of padel in Italy and many other news about this sport!

The Padel Club magazine of March, with the insert of the Magazine Sport Club, is now online in preview for us Padel fans.
It is also available in paper format in several clubs in Lazio.

In the insert we will find:
Interviews with 6 Top International Players:
Marta Ortega
Alejandra Salazar
Ale Galan
Pablo Lima
Juan Tello
Alex Ruiz

Boom continues in our country
Throwing the paddle or changing hands is possible
How to look for a new padel partner
Clubs Cup comes alive

To see all the articles in the insert click on the image and enjoy reading the March Padel Club magazine online!!!

Sport Club is a sports and lifestyle magazine that has been present, for over 18 years, in most of the sports clubs in Rome and Lazio with a circulation of over 30,000 copies and for which numerous personalities from the world of sport and beyond have written.
It was the first sports magazine in Italy years ago to believe in Padel with an insert of over 20 pages, completely dedicated to our sport both at professional and amateur level.
Even if it was born as a local magazine, the columns dedicated to Padel are and will always be more national and international.

Since June 2020 I joined the team of Sport Club, taking care as coordinator of the insert Padel Club, to offer my contribution with more and more in-depth columns dedicated to our favorite sport!

Happy Padel to all and good reading


by Mr Padel Paddle


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