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Who are the players with the most games won on the World Padel Tour?

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The World Padel Tour has experienced in 2020 its eighth season (born in 2013) , let’s see who were the players in the men’s category with the most wins and the highest percentage of games won.

The player with the most matches won on the WPT professional circuit is Fernando Belasteguin with 373 wins out of 419 matches which means 89% win rate!

In second place in terms of wins but also in terms of % of matches won we find his former partner, with whom he won 3 consecutive editions of the World Padel Tour (2015,2016 and 201), the Brazilian Pablo Lima with 367 wins out of 420 matches and a percentage of 85%.

In the podium we find another Argentine Sanyo Gutierrez with 338 wins (78% won).

Players to have exceeded 300 wins beyond the three on the podium are former number 1 in 2019 Paquito Navarro with 312 wins (75%) and Sanyo’s former 2019 partner Argentine Maxi Sanchez with 310 match wins (75%).

Above 250 wins we have veterans Matias Diaz Sangiorgio with 285 wins (72%) and Juan Mieres Petruf with 254 (71%).
The eternal Juan Martin Diaz turns out to have a 78% win percentage with 240 games won.

The legendary Miguel Lamperti has exceeded 200 victories with 210 (66%).
Leap forward in terms of wins and % matches won for the two No. 1 of the Ranking Race 2020 Ale Galan who went from a % of 66% in 2019 to 69% in 2020 (206 matches won) and Juan Lebron who with 199 matches won saw his % of wins raised by 4 points vs 2019 (from 60% to 64) also a result of the 18 consecutive wins obtained this year by the two Spanish champions (4 tournaments won consecutively).

Franco Stupaczuk is also close to 200 wins with 199 from 289 matches played (69%).
For the Argentine couple Chingotto-Tello we have Federico Chingotto with 132 victories (67%) and Juan Tello with 127 (67%).
The young Agustin Tapia, who has been playing in the circuit for a few years, obviously has a number of victories still below 100, 82 victories out of 122 matches for a percentage of 67%.

Happy Padel to all !

by Mr Padel Paddle

sources: data analysis on the World Padel Tour website



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