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Díaz-Belasteguin: the secret of the most successful couple in padel

Padel has become one of the fashionable sports, making the jump in popularity several decades ago in Argentina and then in Spain. The first great pair, and the one that many consider the best in recent history, was formed by Fernando Belasteguín and Juan Martín Díaz.

The success story of Juan and Bela

Both Argentines were almost 13 years together (2001-2014) number one in the world, winning 170 of the 190 finals they played, winning 22 consecutive tournaments and a record of one year and nine months undefeated. Two living legends of the padel world. Over the years, both have given explanations of what their relationship was like in the world elite of the sport.
Juan Martin Diaz was born in Mar del Plata on 28/11/1975 in the province of Buenos Aires while his partner 4 years later in Pehuajo Fernando Belasteguin on 19/05/1979.


The most successful couple in the sport did not come about as a result of friendship between two players. It was Juan Martín who contacted his young partner because of the potential he showed.
He saw him as a player with an uncommon ambition and as the best ally to win tournaments in the short term. Fernando, who was not yet number one, accepted the proposal of one of his idols and at that time considered the best player in the world. So they decided to team up together to win, the rest is history.
The two champions have also constantly emphasized as the reason for their success the professional team that has surrounded them in these 13 years and that have put peace in moments of tension totally normal at this level of the game. Respect and professionalism were two maxims that they always tried to maintain until their last day as a couple.

Another aspect they highlighted was physical preparation. Throughout their time together, they had almost no serious injuries and that is the key to their collective successes.
Injury to one directly damages the other and both have been able to maintain a level of excellence without damaging their physiques.
Despite the wear and tear of the years, the relationship between Juan Martín Díaz and Fernando Belasteguín has remained cordial. It was not friendship that united them, but a professional relationship that they were able to maintain by setting rules based on respect and good physical preparation. The more time passes, the more the legacy of these two legends is enhanced, making them a true Myth for fans of the sport.

Video of the history of the strongest couple in the world:

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Various sources: including PadelStar – article by Raul D. Martin (translated and edited by Mr Padel Paddle)

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