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The most spectacular exchanges in the history of the World Padel Tour

The World Padel Tour even if it has a fairly recent past (first tournaments in 2013) is able to give us already several points and exchanges that have gone down in the history of international padel!

Let’s see what they are in a stakes course “The most spectacular exchanges in the history of the World Padel Tour”.

The World Padel Tour is the most important international professional padel circuit in which the best players in the world show all their technical and tactical qualities to the delight of the fans of this emerging sport.

This sport, over the years, has grown not only as a professional sport, but also as a spectacle conquering every day more and more fans, countries and stages and this seems to know no stops.

Paquito Navarro, Sanyo Gutiérrez, Juan Lebrón, Juani Mieres, Marcello Jardim, Majo Sánchez Alayeto or Patty Llaguno are some of the players who take part in this first part dedicated to the most spectacular exchanges of the World Padel Tour.

Let’s enjoy them .


Good World Padel to all

Source: video shared by World Padel Tour Youtube channel

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