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Cupra FIP Finals: Will be at PalaRuffini in Turin Dec. 14-18

Cupra Fip finals 2022

The third edition of the Cupra Fip Finals event, featuring the world’s top padel professionals, will be held at the Palazzo dello Sport Ruffini (Pala Gianni Asti)

Italy in December will be the capital of world padel!
In fact, as soon as the final Milan P1 stage of the Premier Padel circuit (Dec. 4-11) concludes in the following week, another big event awaits us in Piedmont at the Palaruffini in Turin: the Cupra Fip Finals 2022.
The tournament, planned for both the women’s and men’s categories will be played from December 14-18 (from day 15 the final draw will begin).
Players will be able to register until December 9, and the Main Draw will be published on the 10th.
All players can register.

The “formula” of the Cupra FIP Finals 2022

The FIP-branded event, created to promote the spread of Padel and the growth of the best young people around the world, includes a prize pool of 60 thousand euros (distributed equally among the male/female pairs registered for the tournament), among the richest in the international scene. The winning pairs (male and female) will earn as many as 150 FIP ranking points (90 points the finalists) invaluable in terms of Premier Padel.
The final board, for both categories will consist of 28 pairs of which :
– 4 coming from the qualifiers
– 14 wild cards awarded to FIP Platinum/Gold winners + countries organizing a minimum of 2 FIP RISE and represented at least 4 times (Egypt, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico)
– 10 based on FIP ranking.

Order of play:

Wednesday 14: Qualifying 1st round from 9 a.m. ; 2nd round from 3 p.m.
Thursday 15: Morning: 1st round Main draw from 10 a.m. Evening: Round of 16 from 4 p.m.
Friday 16: Quarterfinals – from 10 a.m.
Saturday 17: Semifinals – from 2 p.m.
Sunday 18: Finals – from 2 p.m.

Ticket office on Ticketone

Information on dates, times, events and prices (including season ticket formula) will be available soon on Cupra FIP Finals – TicketOne

Happy padel to all

by Mr. Padel Paddle

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