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Vigo Open Round of 16: All matches streamed on WPT TV

Today marks the conclusion of the round of 16 at the third stop on the World Padel Tour, the Vigo Open 2022 with live streaming matches

While the Women’s Cuadro began yesterday, today will be the first day with matches streaming live on the WPT app.
The men’s scoreboard was completed on Tuesday, and today marks the start of the round of 16, with some high-level matches.

Men’s Draw: Match Times

Ramirez/Arroyo vs Rubio/Gutierrez – 9:00am (Local)

G.Silingo/Gil vs Mendez/Oria – O.J.2 Morning

Capra/Ruiz vs Botello/Lijo – O.J.3 Morning

Belluati/Moyano vs Zaratiegui/Bergamini – 02:30pm (Local)

Moya/Alonso vs Belasteguin/Coello – 02:30pm (Locale) (WPT Tv)

Campagnolo/Garrido vs Diaz/Gutierrez O.J.2 Afternoon

Chingotto/Tello vs Alba/Cepero O.J.2 – Afternoon(WPT Tv)

Yanguas/Nieto vs Sanchez/Lima O.J.3 – Afternoon(WPT Tv)

Gonzalez/Rico vs Leal/Semmler O.J.3 – Afternoon

Perino/Rivera vs Tison/Zapata O.J.4 – Afternoon

Fernandez/Diestro vs Sanz/Lamperti – O.J.4 Afternoon

Sanchez/Valdes vs Ruiz/Rico – O.J.4 Afternoon

Women’s scoreboard: Match Times

Martinez/Fernandez vs Talavan/Rodriguez – 09:00am (Local)

Polo/Reiter vs Cañelas/Villaba – 10:00am (Local)

Fassio/Rico vs Saiz/Martinez – O.J.2 Morning

Ortega/Gonzalez vs Martinez/Bidahorria – O.J.2 Morning(WPT Tv)

Piltcher/Canovas vs Marrero/Sainz – O.J.3 Morning(WPT Tv)

Alayeto/Alayeto vs Virseda/Las Heras – O.J.4 Morning(WPT Tv)

Good padel to all

by Mr Padel Paddle

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