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Worldwide more than 50 million social Padel enthusiasts

This social media study confirms the worldwide growth of padel as the number of fans

On the five continents there are more than 52,000,000 Instagram and Facebook accounts that follow Padel of which 41 percent are women, this is the result of the study done by Mr. Padel Paddle Observatory by analyzing data from Meta Platforms Inc. (owner of the social networks Facebook and Instagram) on about 200 nations on the planet.

The continent where there are the most followers is Europe with about 28.5 million followers, followed by America with 18.4 million, Asia (3.7), Africa (1.2) and Oceania with almost 700,000 accounts.
In Europe there are the top 2 countries in the world as followers, Spain with about 11.4 million and Italy (4.4) followed by Sweden with 2.9 million, France (1.5) and Denmark (1.2).
Behind but growing are Germany and the United Kingdom (0.9).

In the Americas the top nation is Argentina with 3.3 million, Chile with 3.1 and tied with Mexico and the United States with 2.5 million fans.
On the Asian continent where the room for growth is enormous we have India (0.8), Japan (0.4) and the United Arab Emirates (0.3).

In Africa the love for the racquet sport has yet to blossom, almost half of the followers are in Egypt and it is also beginning to be followed in South Africa (180,000 fans) and Morocco (160,000 fans).
Fans in Oceania are obviously mostly in Australia (500,000) and growing.

Interesting fact is the ratio of followers to the number of population, here the first nation overall is Sweden with a ratio of 1 follower for every 3.6 inhabitants, then there is Spain (4.1) followed by Andorra and Denmark.
In Italy the ratio is one follower for every 13.8 inhabitants.


Stable Padel fans on social media in Italy over the past six months

We analyzed, as in 2022, Meta (Instagram,Facebook) data of those who follow the sport in Italy.
At the end of June in Italy there are an estimated 4,350,000 profiles who are padel fans (there were 4,390,000 as of December 2022) of which 3,050,000 are men (70% of the total) and 1,300,000 are women.
Compared to the previous survey, men went up by about 60,000 while female profiles dropped by 100,000.
It is Lombardy the region with the most social fans with 700,000 followers followed by Lazio (622,000) and Campania (445,000) but if we consider only women there are more fans from Lazio than Lombardy (223,000 vs. 211,000).

Meta data source – population between 13-65 years old male and female

by Carlo Ferrara

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