Dictionary of Padel

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Lower part of the racket from which the string comes out and is knotted to our wrist.

In the world of padel, carbon is a material used in the manufacture of structural elements of the racket, exploiting its virtues of strength and stiffness.

Contacting surface
Part of the racket with which we have to hit the ball, so it will be the area that will give us the most sensations, the latter being necessary to develop the game of a correct form. The surface can be flat, smooth, streaked or wrinkled with the aim of giving more effect to the ball. Each racket has a certain number of holes in its surface with a diameter between 9 and 13 mm.

Continental handgrip
It is one of the most versatile grips in padel, as it allows us to make any stroke without losing time in changing the grip, thus facilitating the realization of the cut effect much used in padel. The simplest way to grip the racket in this way is to imagine grasping a hammer. In this way, the "V" that forms between the index finger and the thumb of the hand holding the racket should coincide with the center of our fist.


Situation in which we hit the ball against the wall of our court, so that after its rebound, it ends up in the opposite court.