Dictionary of Padel

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Method by which we grip our racket. Depending on the way we hold the racquet, we can make various types of strokes.

Handgrip or handle
This is the part of the racket that we use to grip it. From its end comes out a rope that is mandatory to wear knotted to the wrist.

Holding position in attack
In this case the waiting position is much more important, since we have less reaction time at the net. In this case, the position we adopt will be practically the same as in the case of the defense, only now the racket remains almost at eye level, slightly separated from the body and we will have the center of gravity a little higher.

Holding position in defense
We stand facing the net, with our knees semi-bent (they will allow us to react more quickly to meet the ball) and the weight distributed on both legs. Slightly lean forward with the outside of our feet. The racket is placed in front of our belt, with the right hand (lefties with the left) we hold it and with the left we support it in the core area. The elbows are kept close to the body.