Dictionary of Padel

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Service replay
As in tennis, it is the shot that is executed to return the serve. It is normally a globe or cross court shot.

It is a shot that is made by intercepting the ball above the head, with a rapid downward movement. It can be performed before or after the ball bounces (in the second case it is called "smash with bounce") depending on the height of the ball that is about to hit: the more a ball comes down from above, the greater the difficulty of coordination to make the shot effectively.

Soft point
Excellent ball impact zone, where you get more strength and feel, while also improving accuracy.

Standby position
It is the position that we adopt while we wait for the ball to come from the opposite field and therefore it becomes a fundamental basic position that represents the moment before the execution of the shot.

Super Tie
Tie Break to be played at 10 points instead of 7.