Padel in Italy

Italy Analysis: More than 960 municipalities with padel courts

Rome as a province and Lazio as a region are confirmed as leaders as fields and facilities in Italy according to the Italian analysis of padel

Padel continues to grow at the Italian level with 230 structures and 564 paddle courts installed from the beginning of the year to date March 25, 2022 (+12% compared to the end of 2021) throughout Italy for a total of 2,053 structures and 5,201 courts scattered throughout the territory of our peninsula.
According to the Italian analysis of the National Observatory of Mr. Padel Paddle site the development of this sport is unstoppable and is now practiced in all Italian regions, 106 provinces and 962 municipalities scattered throughout the country.


Lazio leader of the regions in Italy

Lazio is confirmed as the leading region both in terms of number of fields and clubs, reaching 448 structures for a total of almost 1,400 fields.
In the podium we have Lombardy (204 structures for 583 fields) and Sicily (216 for 551 fields).
We have 5 other regions that have more than 100 facilities such as Piedmont (152 for 365 camps), Emilia Romagna (135 for 318), Tuscany (131 for 286), Campania (130 for 256) and Puglia (106 for 233).

Since the beginning of the year in Lazio the Padel facilities have increased by 34 units, with a growth of more than 110 new fields (9% more) and is confirmed also for this beginning of 2022 the region with the greatest development of clubs in the Peninsula as number of fields.

At the indoor level, there are 109 facilities with indoor courts (319 indoor courts) which represent less than a quarter of the clubs active in this sport in the region (23% against a national average of 31%).
The average number of courts per club is 3.1 per facility (in Italy the coefficient is 2.5).
In Lazio, 22% of padel facilities in Italy are concentrated (at the end of 2020 they were 34%, meaning that the development of this sport is spreading throughout the peninsula) and 26% of the courts (42% in the same period in 2020).

The ranking by province and municipality

The province in Lazio with the most clubs and fields is Rome (316 facilities- 1,099 fields) followed by Latina (66s-157c), Frosinone (38s-76c), Viterbo (14s-34c) and Rieti (14s-25c).
In the ranking of provinces in Italy we have Rome, which is in the lead, followed by Milan (71s-251c) and Turin (83s212c), relative to the provinces of Lazio we have Latina in fifth place and Frosinone in 13th place.
Rome has 3.5 average fields per facility, Latina and Viterbo 2.4, Frosinone 2 and Rieti only 1.8.
As for indoor only 21% of the fields in the Roman province are covered (233c) in Viterbo are well 62% (21c), Latina 31% (49 fields) and Frosinone (12) and Rieti (4) with 16%.
In the metropolitan city of Rome there are 44 municipalities and also in this case is the leader in Italy followed by Turin with 41 municipalities, Milan with 38, Naples with 33 and Perugia and Brescia with 23.
The other provinces of Lazio include Frosinone with 18 municipalities, Latina 17, Viterbo 9 and Rieti 6.

At the municipal level, the capital of Italy is the one with the most facilities almost 200 (763 fields of which 149 indoor) followed by Palermo (38s; 113c) and Milan (25s;91c).
In Lazio after Rome we have the municipalities of Latina with 21s;64c (in sixth place as municipalities with more fields in the peninsula), Fiumicino (16s;36c, in 10th place) , Pomezia (8s;26c in 13th place), Aprilia (9s;22c in 18th place).

The largest clubs

In Rome are concentrated the clubs with the largest number of fields in the region and the same result at the national level; there are in fact 5 in the top 10 places in Italy. After the Country Sport Village in the province of Milan (18 courts) we have two formerly fair Roman clubs with more fields in Italy, the Red Padel with 15 fields (including 9 indoor) and Joy Padel (15 fields including 6 indoor and 3 individual) and to follow a Roman structure with the Padel Paradise Empire (12 fields including 9 indoor).
Also in the metropolitan city of Rome we have 5 other clubs with at least 10 courts such as the historic Bola Padel Club (11 courts), the Olimpic Padel Club (11), the Tennis Club San Giorgio (10), Globo 69 in Pomezia (10 courts) and X4 Padel Club (Ostia area with 10 courts).
In Lazio the structures with more than 4 courts are 75 of which most are concentrated in the province of Rome (66) and of these there are 24 with at least 8 fields in the club.



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