Padel in Italy

Previa Premier Padel: 2 blue couples pass

In the first round of the previa of the Ooredo Qatar Major 2022 in Doha good results for some participating Italian pairs.

Daniele Cattaneo and Riccardo Sinicropi won against the spanish Sergio Arquerons and Carlos Lopez in two sets 6-3/6-1, Simone Cremona and Marco Cassetta with a double 6-0 against Self Abu Senna and Khaled Nagy and the italian-argentinean couple Marcelo Capitani in couple with Gonzalo Diaz for 6-1/6-1.

Lorenzo Di Giovanni and Mauro Salandro (5-7/1-6 against Ignacio Sager and Thomas Leygue) and Niccolò Cotto and Filippo Scala (6-7/6-3/3-6 against Andersson and Knutsson of Sweden) lost the tournament.


Tomorrow will be played the second round of previa that in case of victory will ensure access to the final table.

The second round of previa

The matches of the couples with Italians will start at 12.30 Cattaneo-Sinicropi against spanish Xavi Rodriguez and Álvaro Sola
Cremona-Cassetta against Mario Ortega and Jose Martinez
Capitani-Diaz against Jeremy Scatena and Adria Mercadale.



Good Pádel to all

by Mr Padel Paddle

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