Padel Score Solution


Referee's Kit

The solution includes:

  • 1x Web App Padel Score;
  • 1x Fire TV Stick;
  • .

Padel court's Kit

The solution includes:

  • 1x Web App Padel Score;
  • 1x Fire TV Stick;
  • 2x PadelWatch or Armband scoreboards;

TV Kit

The solution includes:

  • 1x Web App Padel Score;
  • 1x Fire TV Stick;
  • 2x PadelWatch;
  • 1x TV 55″ HDMI Monitor;

Scoreboard Kit

The solution includes:

  • 1x Web App Padel Score;
  • 1x Fire TV Stick;
  • 2x PadelWatch;
  • 1x Full-Color LED Scoreboard;
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What is the delivery time for Padel Score?

On average, it takes two weeks from order processing. Courier delivery times have to be added to this.

Can I install Padel Score myself?

Yes. Each product comes with a data sheet and the network configuration to install the entire solution.

What should I do or who should I call if I have problems with the delivery or installation?

It is Padel Score’s prerogative to assist its customers during these phases in case of problems.
Therefore, when installation and/or supply problems arise, you can contact Padel Score directly via telephone, remote access programmes and email.

If I buy several quantities of the same product will I receive a bigger discount?

Padel Score, starting from the list prices, already applies a discount that can be further increased depending on the quantity and type of supply required.

Do I need an internet connection to use Padel Score?

Yes. Padel Score needs an internet connection;

Can I use Padel Score to hold tournaments at my facility?

Yes. One of the main features of Padel Score is the ability to create tournaments and display on the screen the scoreboard with all the pairs participating in the tournament and their progress to the final.

Can I use the Padelwatch and Padelbracelet wrist devices on the same court interchangeably?

Yes. Both devices are interchangeable and can co-exist together.

What are the main differences between Padelwatch and Padelbracelet?

The Padelwatch wrist-worn WiFi device is in effect a smartwatch with a touch screen inside which various applications available on the Android platform can be installed.
The Padelbracelet, on the other hand, is a simple wrist device with a push-button without any integrated operating system or dedicated software.

What is the difference between a Videowall and a TV?

Although they both have the function of displaying the score on the screen, a TV (typically LCD or LED) has more problems with light refraction during the day than a Videowall, which is therefore more suitable in particularly sunny outdoor spaces. Furthermore, in the case of outdoor spaces exposed to rain, a TV needs to be protected, a Videowall has no such problems. On the other hand, a TV with adequate contrast has a much higher video resolution than the Videowall.

Can I have the score managed by a person who is not playing?

Yes, through the Padelscore application you can have the score managed by a third party (e.g. a referee) other than the players on the pitch.

I made a mistake in scoring, what do I do?

When using a Padelwatch, simply press the (-) button on the touch screen to go back in the score; when using a Padelbracelet, simply press and hold the button for a few more seconds to go back in the score.

Can I damage the wrist devices through sweat?

The material used in the use of both devices means that sweat produced during physical activity does not cause any problems to the wrist devices.

Is it necessary for all 4 players to wear scorekeeping devices?

No, one per team is sufficient.