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The most beautiful “puntakos” of the APT Padel Tour

Last season 2021 of the APT Padel Tour professional circuit left some of the best spots or “puntakos” as they called it, in international padel.

The 2021 season of the APT Padel Tour was the first in which a master tournament was played, having been postponed the previous year due to the extreme health situation that existed around the world.

The coronavirus caused the first APT Padel Tour circuit to be suspended midway through its journey, however, it managed to hold out to try its luck again last year 2021. It seems that this time luck was with them, since we were able to enjoy some incredible spectacular exchanges.

Great players of the circuit such as Chiostri, Alfonso, Arce, Dal Bianco, Tolito, Agusburger, Torre or Meijer are the protagonists of these incredible clashes that end in “puntakos” in favor. In addition, this top ten created by the APT Padel Tour team also includes impressive saves, acrobatic shots, spectacular drops and a lot of cold blood but above all a lot of quality, an essential feature of the competition.

Here we leave you with the video of the best ten “puntakos” of the 2021 season:

Good Padel to all
by Mr Padel Paddle
source: padel world press

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